We consult professionals and top executives in outplacement situations, when losing a job or when planning a new career requires assistance in support and implementation. Organizations and individuals always have to manage critical changes. While we assist corporations in a culturally neutral separation from an employee or manager, in an outplacement situation we work diligently with the people affected to overcome the separation without losing their self-esteem and possibly, with our help, finding a new job sooner rather than later. We consider the candidates wishes and assist in developing a coherent set of documents ranging from a CV and cover letter to interviews, all in German or English language.

  • What would be the next logical career move?
  • What kind of challenges is a candidate looking for in the next assignment?
  • Does the candidate know his strength and weaknesses, how will he discuss those?
  • Which options are available in today’s job market?
  • How will the manager plan his job hunting campaign?