Expansion Europe & USA

Mid-sized and start-up US software or IT networking companies are focused on their leading edge technologies and initial successes in the local marketplace. The same holds true for German start ups planning a US expansion to serve a larger marketplace. International expansions are critical to growth strategies because the market requirements are identical in the US and Europe while an almost simultaneous presence in the US and Europe guarantees the market impact expected by investors. Not only because of its central location but also from an economic viewpoint, Germany represents the most attractive market in Europe. In the US east or west coast locations are typically most attractive for new businesses. While German laws guarantee security and stability in any aspect, it proves somewhat complicated for most corporations to establish their European office in Germany or to expand from an already established European entity into Germany. In the USA, each state has somewhat different corporate laws that need to be considered when starting a company there. This is where AMERIOPA will help you.